July 14, 2020

Branding And Digital Marketing by Dada Eniola Live On Unilag FM


“some are born entrepreneur; some are trained entrepreneur” – Joseph Paul.

Think of when you have the two in you as a born entrepreneur that undergoes entrepreneurship training, that’s fire!


Dada Trendz whose real name is Dada Israel Eniola sparked a lot of attention on air when he subconsciously made one of his favorite quotes which is “your brand is your personality”, the interviewer caught the speech and told him to explain, this is ONE MAJOR why you have to watch the video and if you have watched the video, it will be good to watch it over again as there is power in repetition.

Few things to need to know about Dada Trendz before watching the video

Dada Trendz is a 20 years old Male student studying Cell Biology and Genetics in UNILAG 103.1, he isn’t just an entrepreneur, he is also what I call ‘a lifepreneur,’ he believes in winning, he is a lover of fun and work, he schedules time for fun and also for work, the two doesn’t conflict each other.

He is a Digital Marketer, brand strategist, content writer and also a Good boyfriend to HAYJAY, and a friendly friend to everyone, here is another secret part of him, ideas flows through him daily, his blood streams are ideas. I can’t describe him all you can drop your own view of him in comment box

Company’s project by TRENDZ

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Topic: Branding and Digital MarketingGuest: Dada Eniola- Cell biology and genetics.

Gepostet von UnilagFM am Montag, 10. Februar 2020

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