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Top 15 Business Marketing Strategy Ignored By Large, Small And Medium Scale Enterprises

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Top 15 business marketing strategy for businesses; It is in no wonder that the internet has been the savior of most businesses to boom and make sales beyond expectation with this, there are still thousands of businesses who still doesn’t make use of online presence due to one factor or the other or other reasons best known to them, let me crack you with joke as your usual content writer, when it comes to business jokes i am very sure you won’t forget to include me into the list. Here is my own joke
Have you ever wondered that we have less people advertising coffin and casket on the internet?

Jeeeeeez Hey! Paul stop it.

I was just wondering about 99% of casket sellers lacks online presence, well I don’t know whether it goes against the rule of social medias about image regulation but to me as a business you should have social media presence regardless of what people will say against you from start.
I don’t wanna continue with the joke so let’s continue with what we have in mind to share, I will like to list my own view about why we have people who still don’t make use of digital presence and why we are concerned as a digital marketing agency.
Not making use of online presence?
Does that really baffles me?
Nay! It doesn’t really baffles me, what surprises me are those who have online presence but doesn’t make use of it either they have either dumped it or not consistent with it.
I also fall into this category of those who have digital presence but doesn’t make u se of it, well that was a story, no longer in the presence so I can boldly say of those who have digital presence but doesn’t make use of it, its surprising to my friends then, how I always create professional fast growing Facebook business pages and in nothing more than two weeks later would have lost focus.



GOOGLE MY BUSINESS + MAP: An ignored business marketing strategy.

Google my business is a local seo techniques that helps in getting your perspective/prospective buyers in a place.
NOTE: The local seo for business I meant doesn’t mean for local


area neither does it mean its international or global; here in a short form I will like you to know that the local that is been mentioned is locale (LOCATION), which is targeting buyers in a particular location.
Going deep into GOOGLE MY BUSINESS AS AN INGNORED MARKETING STRATEGY, I will like you top show in the importance here below. Mostly in underdeveloped companies the big companies there aren’t making use of Google my business + map talk less of the upcoming ones who are looking up to the industrial giants and taking the steps they felt was what led them to success.



how to use google my business


NOTE: Following many big companies is also a way you might fall flat easily in business you can’t follow all their steps blindly you Get to analyze yourself and the steps you wanna follow.
Take for instance, I just travel to Boston and I needed to get my hair cut to look smart and fit and also you get a photograph alongside passports I intend to use in filling some document, if I am a shy guy (which I am not), I can decide to use Google and type my keywords into the search and ask questions like
Hey! Google male saloon in Boston

Remember! One reason why I took a shave is to look smart in my photograph and good in the passports I wanna use to fill in some documents.
Here I am out of the barber shop I need to get a photographer around in Boston, I flip my phone and ask Google again “photographer in Boston”

Are you sure you know why I am analyzing this in a story format?
I don’t like stressing my reader’s and I try to use the best I can to make you understand what I am trying to explain.

You can see they got me as a customer because they appear on Google map through the use of GOOGLE MY BUSINESS; there could be other barbers shop around but they lost me as a customer because they ignored (online presence) as a marketing strategy.
This is the joyous part of it again, after getting service from there and they served me well, I can go to the review section and drop a trust note about their service.
“I didn’t get any recommendation to use their service been a new city guy here I found them on Google map and their service to me has been an awesome one, so I am gonna give them a five star rating”

Lets get over to other marketing strategy that’s been ignored by big, small and medium scale enterprises.

Facebook page and Group as a Business marketing Strategy

Ooh common! Facebook business page isn’t ignored as a marketing strategy or what do you really mean by that?
Is that the thought that flow straight through your heart like lite when I mentioned Facebook page? As Nigerians will say udonno warris goin on (you don’t know what is going on). There are lots of businesses who don’t have a business page and has we have those who don’t make use of it.
I said I was also in the category of those who knew the importance of business pages and not only do I knew the importance I also knew how to grow and set it professionally, but unfortunately, I either lost focus or something else happens
Shiiii! I need silence.
I guess it’s time to break into the issue and fix things up, to help your boom well,
One major reason why people neglect Facebook page and group as a marketing strategy.
Ignorance: yeah, you might wonder how ignorance could have played a role in marketing strategy, we have business owners who doesn’t know anything about Facebook business page and are active dally on Facebook
Archaic thinking mentality: it’s so unfortunate that we still have lots of business owners in the third world countries who still thinks leveraging on the social media is a waste of time and also believes it’s very bad, the most heartbreaking part of it is believing all products on the internet are scam products
Time: this was the category I felled into when I finished high school, I was trying to make use of social presence for my blog but due to lack of time I have to drop the Facebook page and it does not really end there I also have to drop the blog I was handling.
Lack of engagement-Inconsistency: this affects most people from start, when you create a content and all you got was just one like button, you keep creating a contents yet there is no engagement
Lack of focus: lack of focus, switching from one business model to another
Lack of mentor-ship/ wrong consultancy: we have those who are truly interested in making use of social media to pull off, but probably they bumped into a bad mentor who guild them in the other way, also we have most people who have spent funds on consultancy about running Facebook ads but still got no result.
What else do you think I wanna come up with, guess? Yeah

Blog as a marketing strategy for big, small and medium scales enterprises

Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

What is a blog? How can I start a blog? Can I use a blog for my business? How beneficial is blogging? And also who is qualified to be a blogger? I wrote a guide on becoming a blogger in this article I WILL GUIDE YOU TO BLOGGING IN TWO MONTHS
A blog is the short form of a weblog which simply means an online journal or a website meant to display information in a reverse chronological format.
A blog is also a form of a journal on the internet which allows you to write posts and entries about something, it could be a place, hobby, someone or other interesting topics
How can a blog benefit my business as a marketing strategy?

A blog is the best platform to make money online as a business owner, a blog contains lots of values and ways it can benefits you as a business owner.
Are you thinking of increasing sales by 70%? Get a blog.
Are you thinking of getting organic customers? Get a blog.
Are you planning to rake sales than your competitors? Get a blog.
Are you thinking of giving your customers the best? Get a blog.
Are you thinking of going global? Get a blog.
Are you thinking of a free flow of information to your customers? Get a blog.
Are you thinking of getting seen, known and paid? Get a blog
The power of a blog, can’t be overestimated.

Social Media as a marketing strategy for your business.

Starting out new and young or probably you wanna leverage on the social media, today company shiko made forty bucks on that platform and company firug made 90 bucks on the other platform and you are thinking on leveraging on both platform to enable you make more bucks better than they do.
Hey! No stop it.
Here is what you should know while using social media, they are all good means to leverage but truth be told you have to test them out.
You have to know where your customers are and also what they need, the time and how they want it.
The social media is a way to get their attention faster, but you shouldn’t just rush them with adverts and other promotions because you won’t make anything, you have to share free contents and values always to improve trust and other important things, you can read a guide I gave for that about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STARTEGY FOR BUSINESS.


This is also one of the ignored part of business marketing strategy, according to statistics, about 60% of people tends to get carried away/ glued to video contents when done the right way.
You can make use of video search engines like YouTube, vimeo to get your videos far to the world and also your Facebook page can be used to market to those on Facebook.


Sponsored Promotion As An Ignored Marketing Strategy

Sponsored promotion is the placement of web banners in other relating websites to your niche(business category )to help you advertise your products.
Unfortunately, many people ignored this either because its not converting with clicks or some other personal reasons.
To me: web banners aren’t mainly you generate clicks but to create an awareness but if you know how to set your banners well for sponsored ads like billboard, you will get beyond your desired results.

Influencer Marketing As  Marketing Strategy For Businesses

influencer marketing for businesses

Leverage influencers: leveraging influencers could be expensive for a startup business but they are steps you need to know before you start to leverage influencers
Influencers are individual who have already gotten a social media fan base and not only have they gotten huge followers they have also gotten engagements and mostly they are badass short contents creators.


This doesn’t only boost traffic but boosts leads which lead to a massive growth in sales when the right partners are in contact and connected with you, most are discouraged after some few challenges, but trust it’s a great business marketing strategy.


This isn’t really ignored, we have those who still puts this into practice and they are really making sales from it, it’s a way to widen your presence across the city and also into the woods.
Advertising in newspapers, weekly magazines are great way.
But have I cracked a joke for you since we started this article?
Well it’s not really a joke but it a funny truth: your expenses should be well planned so as not to fall into debt.
Dry joke, uhhhhh!.


When last have you organized a seminar for your audience either to have a chat with them or know their pressing needs?
It could also be a small conference between you and your partners, an open public events for the public.
Group chats
Q&As Sections
Free Tutorials

All this are not meant to be paid all times;
You can use them to boost your presence.
Widen your list.
Most of these aren’t really expensive like running radio-television, magazine adverts and if you can’t pull one together you can co-host together with someone else.


Show me who doesn’t like freebie and I will show you 98% of the world like freebies.
Have you tried to host a giveaway package or buy two get one free program; does that really attract? Okay, have you tried invite 10 person to apply and get access to our master class?
This is more like an affiliate program, but they are different entirely.


how to use linkedin as your marketing strategy

LinkedIn is a great social source to gain brand authority but the most neglected among all popular social platform, I wrote a guide about it ( LINKEDIN BUSINESS MARKETING STRATEGY GUIDE FOR ALL INDUSTRIES) In this article I shared a whole lots of guide and tips on how to optimize LinkedIn for business
A great way to connect round the globe with top business owners, coaches, company owners and managers and lots of skilled professional.


facebook for business ads retargeting

This is one of the mist crazy marketing tactics on the internet, which I will like you to configure your business websites for this.
The first time I came across this I … the feelings was more than… surprise. I was searching for wordpress theme that’s gonna fit in to my customers taste for their websites, after searching the whole of the internet, I logged into instagram and facebook and I started seeing different ads from those companies website I clicked on, then I took some courses about retargeting pixels and how it works, I immediately set it up.
Fortunately this feature isn’t available for wordpress users alone it’s also for available for those that are using Google bloggers platform for their blog

What is facebook pixel retargeting ads about? This is a marketing tactics that allows you to track your web visitors back on social media with the use of a tracking code called pixels and these only works for instagram and facebook.


seo for business

Search engine optimization is the optimization of webpages to appear on search engines however, this is a very broad concept and his broad than a five year degree course but with the right guide and a good digital marketing agency.
With a poor seo setup for your agency, business blog, hobby blog, you will hardly come up to #zero position of first page of a search result which is very important for your business as 85% of your customers do not scroll pass the first page of a search result before making a decision.
Optimizing your products for the right keywords and also for different search terms is very important for your business


Email marketing is the act of sending out mail copies to your subscribers, but there are ways and rules that are guiding email marketing for business.
Email marketing could be used to market a product, advertise or send out important information, blog posts

In Conclusion on business marketing strategy
Having listed all these business marketing strategy that helps boost a business to love, I hope we all put it into practice, more so I will be glad if you leave a comment about this business marketing strategy also if you have something else that’s contrary to it.
While putting your business marketing strategy into practice make sure you are not a business socio prostitute as this will make you to lack focus in carrying out your business marketing strategy effectively

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