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How To Make Money Online Easily + 50 Proven Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately

how to make money online

Making money online has been one of the easiest thing on earth but just so funny that a lot of people still don’t know it’s possible to make money online and there are still lots of people who believes making money online isn’t possible and in the other way round there are those who believes any money made online is scam.

How beautiful is it, if you start making money online after reading this article, yeah! it’s possible to start raking cash after this article, that’s if only you take action, there are lots of things that seems easy to you about making money online but truly aren’t hiding at all, the problem with many people searching how to make money online, how to start generating online income is that they never took action, they are not focused and some other things which I explained here in this article  I titled (ten reasons you won’t make money online).

You probably have seen lot of reviews on the internet and have read several blog posts about online income generation you have tried different platforms and still yet you loosed a lot and ended up wasting time. Oops! I will show you few helpful thing here and its gonna real help you if you take time to practice

How many ways can I earn money online easily?

There are lots of theories out there and motivational speeches, just read along and you will be surprised with this my form of making money online in a very simple format.

There are three ways to make money online

  1. Selling of products
  2. Selling/offering of services
  3. Smart investments

You might be surprised about these three things I mentioned here just now but it’s the real way to earn money online. In case you have tried all these and also didn’t make any sense to you, then you need to follow these steps the right way this time

Factors to Consider Before You Can Make Money Online or we say factors that hinders you from making money online

There are lots of factors that hinders you from making money online which you are mostly ignorant of, this factors will suffer you for long if you don’t follow the process. Then the question is what are the factors required to make money online

  1. Trust: this is a factor that need to be addressed, there are lots of ways to build trust relationship online faster, people buy from you because they trust you, there have been lots of scam issues on the internet, which is one reason you have to build trust online, think of you coming across a prospects that just got scammed and you want him/her to buy your idea, products or someone who was given a rough service, how do you wanna address the person and make them trust that you can offer him a quality service?
  2. Value: People buy your idea, products and hire your services because you have value to offer to them, you have what they need, you have to show them enough value, why they need to make use of your products.
  3. Ignorance:  this is very deep, there are lots of sellers online selling with ignorance, giving complaints they paid huge for sales copy yet they got tiny to no income.
  4. Audience: Oops!  This is going to the wrong market and it could also be going with a wrong product, audience marketing is one ignorant factors many do not know about talk more of consider it
  5. Mentorship:  this is mostly a deliberate act of “I can do it alone” I don’t have money, I don’t have cash” and other useless excuses like, you need people with experience and this isn’t an issue of age like many would ask for the mentor’s age, if making money is all about age then the oldest people should be the richest and wealthiest people, if making money online is by years of work then those who have been in service for long should  be making the highest income, making money is having the right knowledge about what you are doing, doing it the right way, doing it consistently as required.

Now I will proceed to explain what I mean with the three ways I listed above about how ways to make money online.

Top three and best way to make money online

What applies to offline trade also applies to online trade ranging from sales of goods and services, offering menial offline services, offering services like transportation services are part of various ways of making money online, these three steps will explain it in a very short format.

Selling of products as a means to make money online

 This is the act of selling products on the internet with the sole aim of making profits and has been one of the best way to make money online, there are two ways to selling

Two way to selling of products to make money online

Buying and selling:

this is a traditional way of selling and it’s still working for lots of merchants and traders till date, which is the act of buying a product to resell at a higher price either with a high income gain or low but worthy income gain.

Selling and buying:

this is a modern way of selling which has lots of values attached to it, and its more lucrative than the traditional way of buying and selling, this is the act of selling a product ahead, getting orders for a product before buying and delivering it to perspective buyers, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages to selling and buying business an example of this is dropshipping

Selling/offering of services as a means to earn money online

This is one of the best and this is what it means by having a skill, the services been sold as the use of your skill to solve a particular problem or help the company forward, it could be a graphics design skill, freelancing, and other skillful works, you can also setup an agency for your skill in order to gain more customer, with which we can get you a branded one just like we did THE FRESH REVEIEW  a content marketing agency.

Smart investments as a means of making money online

Smart people makes money through smart investments, there are long ancient methods that still works till date for investments but in this present century whereby things are getting digitized, carefulness has to be at high peak, investment as a way to make money online is the act of investing in digital assets that pays off. Example is the long live foreign exchange trade which is mostly known as forex, cryptocurrency trading and lots more.


Having explain all these, I understand the curiosity of trying to get a solution to a problem, which is listing all the possible means to earn money online, there are 1001 ways to make money online, but we will take a brief read over few of them.

50 ways on How to make money online easily without stress from the home

top ways to make money online

I will love you to take a real calm down and read carefully on how to make money online easily without stress from the home,  I explained above about some factors that affects you from not been able to make money online. I also listed some means to make money online without capital, which is for those that are disciplined about making money online but have little or no capital.


  1. Blogging: setting up a blog has been one way to make money online has is still working and will continue to work, blogging is the act of creating webpages to pass out information, it could be free or paid info’s however, there are several means to earn on a blog.

practical ways to make money online

  1. Affiliate marketing: this is the act of promoting goods, products and services for a commission, it all depends on the type of product that’s being promoted and the platform at which it’s being promoted
  2. AdSense: this is an adnetwork that can be used to monetize a blog, AdSense belongs to google, they pay you for placing ads on your website
  3. Freelance writing: freelance writing is the act of writing as a freelancer for an individual or an agency, it could also be as been hired to write on freelance websites like fiverr and the likes
  4. Podcasting: this isn’t as common as other ways to ads, but you can earn much from podcasting by adding jingles and voice over ads into your audio clips either at the beginning, the end of within the clip
  5. Lead generation: if you have ways of generating leads faster for marketers and marketing agency, then you can make more money by offering this service for agencies and marketers who needs lead and you make your money online.
  6. Sponsored posts/ adverts: getting sponsored posts on your blog, video channel, podcast platform, large facebook group, whatsoever large platform you have created could earn you sponsored posts and that’s another way to earn online
  7. Income program: income program are websites that pays you to perform specific tasks on the internet, examples are read news and get paid and many other type of websites that are related like that, you can also try portalinks income program
  8. YouTube: having a YouTube channel is also another pretty way to make money online, either through YouTube monetization program or helping people to review their products
  • Opera news Hub: opera news is a news/ content aggregation website owned by opera, you are given the opportunity to crate contents and get paid for the amount of traffic your content is able to pull. You can register here
  • Portal links Income: this is digital service that pays you to share sponsored post and the payout is good
  • Facebook paid ads: not everyone knows how to run facebook paid ads effectively, if you are good about this it’s a good way for you to make money online
  • Consulting service: if you are good in a particular field of studies, you can offer consultancy service and earn money online, in my whatsapp eBook I spoke about different ways to make money on whatsapp and I listed consultancy service as part of it, getting this eBook will give you more insights about consultancy service
  • Coach: Yeah! Just like consultancy service, but the difference is consultancy services are asked for advice while coach teaches people about a particular skill, coaching online is a very lucrative hustle that pays real, you can view more insights about it through my whatsapp tv eBook.
  • Data reseller business: for those in the third world country where internet data subscription is high, you can start a data reselling business and make a lots of money from it as data bundle is in high demand.
  • Information marketing: this also goes well with the other one I listed above, but information marketing comprises it all and it’s kinda broad, this consists of coaching, consultancy and sales of materials.
  • Whatsapp TV: whatsapp tv is a branch of whatsapp marketing, this doesn’t really mean you post videos and other stuffs on your status, because it’s a whatsapp tv, it’s a way to earn with your whatsapp status, I have provided lots of hacks and tactics for you in my whatsapp tv eBook
  • Page Building: if you are good in building sales funnel, landing pages you can ,make money off it by building for companies, startups and also for individuals and get paid.
  • Logo design: good in creating beautiful logos either with the use of an app, software of free stocks, meeting the requirements of what is need can earn you money online
  • Graphics design: GRAPHICS designing is also a cool way to make money on the Internet, for those who have the skills of graphics design you can make money on the internet
  • Business card design: you can download business cards maker and practice for a day and I am very sure this will help you to get to know the nitty gritty of how to design business card, mixing the right colors and shapes is a good way to go, you can offer this in any digital marketplace and make money.
  • Video editing: editing videos for marketers or business is a great way, you can edit in checking mistakes, background sound, text and every other requirement for the video.
  • Animation: Animation is a very big way to make money online, creating animated videos ranging from 2d-3d animated videos, white board videos and also automatic videos
  • Forex trading: Trading foreign exchange can make you a lifetime, you can start by trading with demo account, before going live but it will be best you already know how to trade
  • Cryptocurrency: just the way I mentioned forex as a way to make money online, the same goes with cryptocurrency but forex is a senor to cryptocurrency
  • Facebook URL unblocking: lots of web links are blocked on facebook daily either as a result of spam, scam links or the links been malicious or seen as deceptive, in other way your link might get blocked and you are finding a way to get it unblocked it could be your business link or your blog link most especially if facebook is your main source of generating web traffic then you will definitely need to get it rectified, if you are also good in unblocking web links on facebook, you can render this services
  • Mini importation: importation of goods has been for long and can also be applied to online business, this is the act of buying goods and then selling off to your customers
  • Recharge and get paid business : this is a multilevel marketing company pays you to buy and swell recharge card, mobile data, vtu services, power and utilities services. You also get paid for refereeing people
  • Web designer: designing website for those who need website is a cool way to make money and there is also no doubt that allot can be made from this, either by freelancing or setting up an agency for it.
  • SEO specialist: do you know the corners of seo services? You can work as a consultant to agencies or work seo services to many websites, you can get an seo specialist here
  1. Facebook page growth: I have sold lots of facebook pages and the income generated is so cool, there are those who do not have time, patience and also the strategy to build a facebook page, all they do is to look for those who wants to sell and then buy from them, growing a facebook page and reselling is worth it
  • Social media account management: you have lots of time you spend on social media doing nothing? You can reach out to those who needs social media managers and assist them to manage their social media business accounts.
  • Forex account management: account management in forex is the act of trading forex account for those who are interested in trading forex but do not have time or do not know how to trade it, the opportunity of account management is on two ways for those who wants to earn and do not know how to trade. You can give out your accounts to account managers and earn percentage of the profit while you as the account managers also earn a profit.
  1. Sales of social media account: there are lots of celebrities, contestants etc. who needs a ready grown account to leverage, you can make money by selling social media accounts mostly twitter and instagram followers
  2. Web domain hosting affiliate: web hosting services offer affiliate for those interested in promoting their services and get paid, you can try web affiliate like bluehost, abollyhost, siteground domain king and the rest to make money online.
  • Sales of eBook: you can create an eBook guide for a field you are good about and market the eBooks, you can sell the eBook at digital marketplaces or any other platform available to market your products
  1. Ecommerce
  2. Fiverr freelancing: fiverr freelancing has been for a very long time and this is the act of offering services to people on fiverr. Go to and create an account create a gig and get order
  • Get paid to upload videos and photos: there are few websites out there that pays you to upload photo and you get paid on percentages and there are also websites that pays you to upload videos and get paid by hours’ watch.
  1. Shortened links: url shortening services like adfly pays you for every click you get which is CPC on every link you shorten
  2. Dropshipping
  • Copywriting: writing creative copy will always be a game changer, you can teach how copywriting is done and make money of write copies for people, it could be sales copy, welcome, address or proposal copy.
  • Paypal account services: paypal approval is a hard process and also there are countries who always fine it hard to receive funds, you can act as an exchanger in receiving and sending of funds and also you can help in helping businesses to open their paypal account.
  • AdSense services: just like the case of paypal so is AdSense the policy are strict and If you know how to go about it, you can help blog owners in getting their site approved, helping them to verify ads account, helping them to remove ads limit and also you can sell ads accounts to those who needs it or act as a reseller
  • Music promotion: having a large music website or a large social handle can earn you lots of money and income by helping artistes to promote their songs.
  • Sales of websites: there are online marketplace where you can sell a website, you can also build a website from scratch and sell it off to those who needs it.
  • Domain flipping: hunting of premium and expired domains you can buy and flip it online at marketplaces like namecheap or sell off with your domain flipping facebook business pages.
  1. Webinars: here is more like consulting business I wrote above and they all fall under information marketing; you can host paid webinar either as one off payment or recurring payment
  2. Online community: building of online community is really cool you can use it for lots of things and make money through it, ranging from mentoring, paid webinars, online tutors and many more.
  • Instagram marketing: if you know the way to handle instagram accounts and also how to use the ads marketing tools to increase business growth, then you are one way ahead to help businesses manage their marketing on instagram
  • Language help: Helping foreigners with interpretation of languages, teaching how to speak foreign languages also earns you a minimum of $500 weekly
  • Build and sell software’s: been a programmer who knows how to code, you can make soft wares and sell off to business owners who are in need of software to make their works easier and a perfect example of this is waabot

In conclusion

With all these ways of making money online that has been listed above, you still won’t make money online if you are not consistent and follow up with the game, they are lots of strategies you also need to implement but trust the process making money online is really cool

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