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Personal Blog Branding To Shoot Out Your Blogging Pow’r To Success

Building a blog could be one of your desire either for business or personal use, branding your blog to out your Blogging power to success is one major target one should have in plan not just starting a blog without any future plan for it, be it money blog, business blog or brand blog

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Many books have failed due to one issue or another, should your own blog also fail, been one of our favorite reader, no! It won’t.

Should we go into what branding and Personal branding is? Or jump to the difference and how it affect our blog if not we’ll taken care of?

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Before we come across the words like “Branding”, “Personal Branding”, “Business Branding”, “Corporate Branding”, “Brand Management”, “Branding Agency” and other related words, there must have been the word “brand”.

What Is Brand And Blog Branding

“A Blog brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition. Name brands are sometimes distinguished from generic or store brands”Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia:

Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

Difference Between Brand And Branding

As we all now know what brand and branding is, brand as the product while branding is the action/way a product is been handled, it could be in form or logo like companies, flag just like Banks and the most ignored is COLOR, in my WhatsApp Marketing guide ebook I spoke about color take Rebekahradice and banks9ja as example, Rebekah Radice blog is designed yellow which she also mentioned in one of her blog post titled social media best practices, How to improve your social media images in four ways. Looking at Banks9ja it was designed with blue (HEX Code: 0a63a9)

Let’s take 1 Mins dive into this short video

Now you should ha e gotten a glimpse of what she explained in the video and if you are from countries like here, No Power Supply and high internet subscription rates, please proceed reading, there are still a whole of values for you to learn.

How To Build A Money Making Blog

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The Importance Of Branding Your Blog Brand

Is Branding Important? Are you among those asking whether branding is important for business and personaity? What is the important of Branding my blog brand?

More importance why you need to brand your blog will be listed below

Blog Branding leads To

  • Customers loyalty.
  • Blog Branding Helps You Overtake Saturated Niche.
  • Blog Branding Help Charge As You Worth.
  • Blog Branding Brings Credibility.
  • Blog Branding will Returning Customer + Referral
  • Blog Branding Helps With Moving Forward Strategy.

How To Build Your Blog On A Low Budget

Building a branded blog might be very expensive both in cash and money, you will need to invite people to collaborate or team up with you,but that turn you down.

For those who still asked whether Blog Branding is expensive or cheap? Can blog Branding be raised on a low budget? You can take your three mins and listen to this podcast.

Challenges To Face When Branding Your Blog To Power Success As A Starter.

Challenges to face when starting up as a brand is very huge, I will take myself for example, I personally looked for people to look responsible, I told them my plane and they all agreed to follow up, I created WhatsApp group to discuss but it seems am the eonly one alone in the group.

I got fedup and told them my mind, why would they keep mute? They began to interact and just after a week they stopped interaction.

I created another group to add few serious ones, but that seems to be the worst, their won’t be anyone to start a conversation and they hardly make responses whenever I start a conversation, this was my own experience when I was starting Banks9ja. I made this quote “the world will never support you, until they see the zeal in you”

Using Xbuzznet Team as another perfect example: in this case the team members were ready to work but the team leader lacks some leadership trait, forgetting it’s a Teamwork, he commands everyone like slave and when team members start giving their opinion he got angry and ask them to leave. After series of hot argument the Main Head left the group and created another, still it was same issue.

Here in this 2 mins video a perfect explanation of the biggest challenges blog brands faces.

How To Increase Your Blog Brand Awareness

Having in mind of starting a blog brand to power your success, I know few people prepare for brand awareness, while taking a look at this 9 mins video, I will show you how Twitter will impact your brand. This video entails Seven (7) proven ways to increase Brand Awareness.

How To Use Twitter For Your Blog Brand Awareness.

Authenticated Guide To Brand Your Blog With Zero Cash.

Following the guides I put up there from branding to personal branding with videos and podcasts, I will show you ways to make your blog unique without spending a dime.

Yeah! I mean you will brand your blog without spending a dime, we all know branding is one of the most expensive thing to do to a business and also it takes tike but it goes along way and it’s appreciated.

So what do I mean that you will brand your boig without spending a dime? Do I really mean I wanna divulge a secret to you and make some hidden truth known? The real truth is that there is no secret about branding anywhere but many ain’t willing to pay to learn how to brand their blog.

What you are looking for is with someone/somewhere all you have yo do is go there and get it. Be it paid of free! But what am sharing and with you today, do you really think am sharing it free or paid and also do you think it’s worth sharing freely?

Let’s Go on >>> Personal Branding To Shoot Out Your Blogging Pow’r To Success

I will use some big brands as examples and also some local brands as example to make you see what I mean about low cost branding.

  • Trust
  • Color
  • Logo
  • Creativity
  • Value


When a business isn’t built on trust, it struggles for years and begs for help, trust is one major way to brand your blog. With this you can charge what you know your blog values and can also stand to defend yourself brand any day and anywhere.

Rebekah Radice tweeting about business-branded trust on Twitter April 22, 2016 she was quoting Seth Godin in her tweet with the hashtag #SMMW16 .


The issue of color goes into different formats, let’s take a look at Facebook, Banks9ja, WPbeginner, FindX, Rebekah Radice.


Take a look at this sites something make them different and that’s their color, the color which they have cho d to use.

In what ways can color be used to brand a blog?

Blog Header:

Your blog heser design is one way to branding, look at our header color,take a look at Banks9ja color it’s blue, Facebook is blue, Wpbeginner is orange while SEJ is Green.

Social Banner :

Take a look at FindX images they all have a small logo that shows this is FindX, it’s of no doubt that you know the logo of your customers, whenever you see it on a product what comes to your kind is the company. I was in a group chat in WhatsApp when I saw a girl with a black logo “Trendzmedia” I was surprised and wanted to know who the person is? is she a staff or impersonating? Then I find out she is a friend to the owner. Lately similar issue occurred on WhatsApp on WhatsApp, I am always damn busy on WhatsApp. Which made me to setup my autoresponder to tell reply everyone to go straight to point, upon siting the logo FindX, I knew it was MR Nelson Ugbodo.

Background Text/ link:

This is very short, look at Rebekah Radice blog; everywhere is customised Orange both the header, logo, text and link.

Doing all this little steps above make it easier for you to be easily identified.


How does Value Brands A Blog

Value offered to visitors makes them return to your blog and they are counted as returning visitors, Google values Value that are being offered thats why they said Blogs that offers value tends to be ranked higher than blogs without value.


This is one major issue of most bloggers, they ain’t cretaive neither have they ever done something unique, I keep saying it you can’t go along way without been unique, do something different even if a big brand in the industry copies you, reach out to them by mail if they fail to reply or follow up then you can do a public shout out with mail evidences when requested for.

Example: An average Nigeria bloggers always look for themes of popular ones in the industry, Recently there has been some hypes about Omere Kelly an Edo State based music blogger about how fast growing is music site is, not upto two weeks after that, alot of Bloggers started shouting they want JustNaija theme and other things.

I made a comment and told them to be creative at least and they all turn back at me while one of them used an angry emoji on my Facebook comment.

One hilarious but truthful comment I saw was of one Hausa blogger.

Many of you thinks if you are given the theme and plugins, everything will Auto set,they are themes that takes a week to set

Wrapping Up with my thoughts on branding a blog.

Branding a blog isn’t easy and fast if you are short of funds, that’s why this guide was made to help you look branded enough before getting the big hit >>> Personal Branding To Shoot Out Your Blogging Pow’r To Success. While going and ending this little guide here I will leave you this this short video.