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The effective power of video marketing can’t be over emphasize, videos have a higher rate of converting sales than texts as more people tends to spend most of their time on video contents.

Facebook is accountable for over 4 billion views of videos daily, YouTube having 100 million of active users which is 1/3 of the internet users.


Video contents have converted sales by 87% than expected and their longevity still markets to the world.

Learn how to create quality video contents with your mobile for businesses and get free training inclusive

This guide will teach you how to create automated video content

Have you been thinking of how to make money online with little or zero investments? This guide will help you make money grow pocket faster and fatter.

Hear the story of Charles of how he made 100k with our video guide

I got this guide from a friend who bought it and called it nonsense that he needs something that can give him money immediately after buying.


I transferred this eBook to my phone and it was just a 19 page eBook with just pictorial step of how to make money with my smartphone, I tried and made one rough video with my first attempt and this landed me a job of Naira 7000 after a business man saw it on my WhatsApp status, he later referred me to his friend and I have done videos for them and many people which have landed me over NAIRA 150,000 within a month.

This video marketing guide is a blessing you shouldn’t miss

This guide will show you how to make money in whatever situation.

This isn’t just an eBook, it’s a life changing eBook that helped me to start making my first money online and it wasn’t a chicken change but made me my first Naira 100,000



  • Over 2000+ Creative Templates
  • Write your script
  • 50+ auto voice
  • 400+ Background Music
  • Use Custom Watermark
  • Use custom Voiceover
  • Custom Scene
  • Preview Video Before Download

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