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Book publishing service isn’t that common, yet are in high demand by author who needs someone to proof read their article for them, the short rate at of book publishers in conflict with the high demand by authors who needs someone to proofread, edit and help with ISBN approval has made lots of Book Publishers to act like a discriminating monopolist, which is very bad, this attitude has made lots of authors to quit their dream of writing novels’ and the book of their dreams.

In the article written by Godwin Oluwaponmile, he explained why

You might not publish your dream novel and also explain things to consider when writing your movie scrips and novel
Its also quite hectic that you have tried a lot of freelancers on marketplace like fiverr, upwork, Seoclerks and other similar marketplace, you went for publisher with high review rate, yet, the service they deliver for you isn’t yet up to standard as expected.


It’s so disheartening when you pay publisher’s on marketplace to handle your production but they didn’t deliver up to average standard talk more of delivering beyond customers’ expectations.

I will not like you to give up on your book publishing dream, I took my time to review book publishing services on fiverr and here are what I found out.

The high rate of review doesn’t guarantee trust; as many freelancers have used this to deceive a lot of customers to have believe and confidence in them, imagine a case when you hire a freelancer with over 500+ 5-star rating and also over 2000 customers comment recommendation. I am very sure seeing this will make you have confidence in the service without any fear of getting low quality delivery after service but nay it the delivery was either poor or you got scammed you tried to raise a support ticket but still to no avail, lost bucks of dollars to publishers
One huge mistake you and I make is looking for people with either high star rating on marketplace of freelancers with low price on order.

Hey dear!

I decided to take my time around and inspect lots of book publishers, I mailed some of them the response rate was so poor while some displayed invalid mail address on their ,marketplace service page, but I came across this publisher whose response rate was so fast and his diction was cool and appealing , which shows he is must be a good publisher for your project/or your next novel/ script write.

The fast response rate didn’t only ended their, I made it known to him that I am not publishing any book I just wanna make enquiry about how the services work and he made a brief explanation to me unlike others who will stop giving you response because you aren’t placing an order from them, he also gave me his WhatsApp number I case I wanna ask him questions or have a video chat with him


  • Copy Editing
    Proof reading
    Development Editing
    Interior book layout formatting
    Cover design
    Book editing
    Ghost writing
    Book writing
    Magazine article writing
    ISBN Service
    Kindle publishing

Here I will break down the book publishing services in a simple way for you to understand the services he

Copy editing:

copy editing is the art of taking a deep inspection over written ready contents to correct mistakes and confirm accuracy and to improve the readability to fit in and ensure it passes the value its meant to pass over.
Proof reading: this is the final stage of an editorial service to correct texts error of mostly electronic publishing’s
Indexing: book indexing service is an act of gathering the important parts of a book and compiling them to the back cover of a book.

Development Editing:

Development editing is the in-depth editing of manuscripts either fiction or non-fiction.
Interior book layout formatting: Helps with editing the format and layout at which the paragraphs, line breaks, spaces, typefaces, punctuation marks and indents.

Cover design:

this is the act of selecting the best cover for your book , either its soft copy, hard copy or you wanna go for the two.

Book editing:

is the missing steps between writing a book and also authoring to publish, this requires an expertise to handle the area as it’s a very critical aspect whereby texts are being corrected to show the authors thoughts and keep the values in place.

Ghost writing:

this is more or like less pen name writers who writes during time of war and use another name to hide their identity, while Ghost writers are those who helps you to write your dream book and all credits comes to your name.
Book writing: is the second stage of a book after writing your content plan, this is the act of pouring out your thoughts in a hard copy pad or soft note pad.

Magazine article writing:

Have you been selected to write a copy for A magazine and you didn’t have time nor have an idea of what to write, or probably you need someone to assist you in written your companies LinkedIn weekly newsletter. Magazine article writing is the art of writing articles for magazine.


this is one major parts that gets authors worried after all the hard stress they have gone through, they wanna get an ISBN and also legal copyrights over their intellectual property, Publisher Gusuz will also handle this for you.

Kindle Uploading:

now your book is set to get into market after critical and serious inspection, you wanna market your book to the world, then you found out that your country has been restricted from using the kindle marketplaces or your boo was rejected and not approved this is very hectic and heart disheartening.
Should you take your book to the local market and drop the dream of your book going global?
Publisher Gusuz will not only upload your Kindle to only one kindle marketplace, but as many marketplaces.



Do not trash your dream book, Publisher Gusuz will help you take your dream book beyond your expectation, don’t forget Robert Kiyosaki’s book titled “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” which later became his best selling book and also made him known to the world was already trashed, T’was Sharon Letcher that assists her to publish it.

Don’t trash your DREAM BOOK.


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