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How To Start A Profitable Online Business Successfully: 7 Proven Steps

7 Proven Steps On How To Start A Profitable Online Business Successfully

Starting a profitable online business successfully hasn’t been an easy task to most people who ventured to it either with a coach or not neither has it been easy for those still thinking about how to start an online business, can I make money from an online business, how possible is it for me to make  money online and also how lucrative is online business?

There are lots of guides out there on the internet, magazine, newsletter about how to start either a business or an online business, there are all fine and great articles to read just the way this is also a great article to read and feed yourself for growth, I won’t condemn other publications in praise of this as the best but if you follow me you will get values needed but it’s not really about getting values but I will need you to implement these steps and watch yourself grow.

What Is Online Business

Online business are businesses who offer their services and sell their products online, more so there are businesses with physical locations who makes use of online platforms to showcase their appearance in order to get reviews/feedbacks from customers and also to grow their business to customer relationship through the use of online customer care service, this helps to Starting a profitable online business successfully

What Do I Need To Starting A Profitable Online Business successfully

To start an online business doesn’t really cost much and most times I hear people say all you need to start an online are just three things which are;

  1. Your Smart Phone: with a smartphone there are lots you can achieve, if online you can stop thinking “how possible is it to start an online business with a smartphone” and also there are lots of lames excuses like “I don’t have a laptop” “I don’t think I can do it”.

Most settings on the huge website are mostly setup with just a mobile phone and the beauty of it is that, no matter how portable your laptop could be, you will still make use of your phone anywhere an idea pop out of your mind or an emergency, or you just need to correct an error while away from home or laptop.

  • A Data Bundle: here you have your smartphone with you, you still need to have a data bundle to allow it connect to the internet just like you need fuel for your vehicle.

Steps To Effective Audience Targeting To Boost ROI

  • A Strong Internet Connection: a strong internet connection will be highly needed, if you live around in the western world you might not understand why you keep seeing his every time, but for those who have traveled to sub Saharan African region you will understand what I mean in regions here there is poor internet connections, it makes things unbearable, worst and most times you feel dejected like you are not doing anything.

But I will like not only to add this to it not only to make merry but it’s very important if possible I say than all other requirements and this is called A PROVEN FOR STARTING A PROFITABLE BUSINESS STRATEGY

  • A Proven Strategy: This is mostly ignored or not spoken about and in many articles I have come across from top business websites highly recommended by google on first pages still don’t speak nor write about this, I won’t link any article as I have said I do not have any aim to condemn other article and praise mine.

A proven business strategy is needed more than what most people think, it’s just a like a cheat to an HARD GT5 city Game, like you are playing PUBG/SUBWAY SURF for the first time, you will feel like getting a trick or secret of how to accumulate lots of coins.

Unfortunately, many business consultants only mouth make speeches with merriness all in name of persuasive copy hereby missing out the main point of leveraging on a trusted and tested business model and strategy.

A proven strategy for starting a profitable online businesses is just like an answer template which shows how your exams will or probably looks like or a secret map given to set of soldiers on how to ambush their enemies and cut off other challenges.

Just the way you feel relaxed after getting your answer cheat template/ secret map same also applies to how you will feel comfortable getting a proven strategy to your business model.

Things to follow to grow Starting A Profitable business online successfully

  1. Find a problem to fix
  2. Write persuasive sales copy
  3. Create an online presence
  4. Create an easy to navigate business website
  5. Drive traffic from free sources
  6. Drive traffic from websites
  7. Create a follow up channel

Steps To Effective Audience Targeting To Boost ROI

  • Find A Problem To Fix:

This applies to everything and not only online business when there is demand then there is a room for supply but when you create products for supply and there is no demand, that’s nothing but a useless product, bad marketing step.

I would love to break this down into various parts, while we have those creating products and trying to supply to the market whilst there isn’t any demand, there we also have those who truly identified a problem and created the best solution but there marketing and throwing their best products to the wrong market, wrong audience targeting!

  •   2. Write persuasive sales copy:

Humans by nature are meant to react to things differently Beit coming in same approach there is still 100% surety that every human is gonna react in different ways, while you have those who got bad feelings about your products but look away you have those who makes awful and blessed comments.

I will love to list how people reacts to products/ services, but to save your time to get thee nail hit you can check it out in how other publications by using the search button for “how do people react to businesses online”.

What is a business sales copy?

A business sales copy are what I will regard to as contents whose main purpose is to sell a product or service to you.

How To Start And Make Money On Whatsapp Tv

What is a persuasive business sales copy?

 A persuasive business sales copy are contents that isn’t mainly meant to sell product and services to you but to persuade you to make purchase this is why it’s called a persuasive sales copy.

Many a times you might have come across lots of adverts on the internet and you didn’t only feel like giving it a try but you actually made a successful purchase happily despite the fact that you don’t need the product.

It’s just like sitting in your home watching an advert of a hotel therapy center about massage that lasted for over 3-5mins and after the ads stopped you picked up your smartphone and made an order for home massage, that’s a persuasive ads content.

In need of a persuasive business sales copywriter?

I hope you now understand why you need a persuasive copy to sell your products and offer your services, to take courses on building yourself for copywriting you can head over to or there are free and paid advanced courses also there are discount prices on lots of courses you can read this on how to take online courses.

How To Make Money Online Easily + 50 (Proven) Ways To Make Online

  • Build a sales machine – business website

For your business to thrive well and perform 10X then having a website/ business blog isn’t a bad option.

Difference between a business website and web blog

Here are some facts for you to reconsider why you need a business website for your business.

“A recent study published by Bazaarvoice demonstrated that in-store shopping behavior is significantly influenced by online research. The report, The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline), showed that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store and 45% read reviews before making a purchase.”

– Forbes 2018

“53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice”.

think with google

“82%  evergreen shoppers used a search engine related to their shopping”.

– think with google

What you need to consider before getting your online store/ business websites.

  • Choose two or one fonts
  • An easy to scroll navigation
  • Create an opt in to gather email of your visitors and customers for feedback and upselling.
  • Not more than two click website
  • Avoid double clicks/ redirections
  • Make it user and customer friendly.

How to get a web designer for your business website to grow your business online successfully ?

  • To get a professional web designer for your business website could be a risky task
  • Go to freelancing websites like fiverr, upwork or and get a good web designer to get it done for you.
  • However, with the manipulation of fake reviews on different marketplaces it has become an hard task.
  • Search for “web designer + your current location” on google and you can easily get a web designing agency around you.
  • You can also reach out to us to get you an amazing sales-making business website with lots of premium features to get you started without a tech skill.
  • Drive traffic from free sources to grow your business online sucessfully

Take courses on how to drive massive customers from free traffic sources to your business website without s[pending much on seo services.

How To Make Money Online Easily + 50 (Proven) Ways To Make Online

You can take free traffic sources courses from

  • Drive Crazy Traffic Directly From Google And Top Search Engines

There are lots of seo practices over the web you can use to grow your business presence on search engine to get a better position in serps, having a little knowledge of seo can’t really do this but can help you in a long way, you can hire a local seo specialist in your area and pay less or also on fiverr and other online marketplace to grow your business online successfully.

  • Create a follow up channel to grow your business online successfully

Creating a follow up channel helps to get back to your customers and gather reviews about their experience with you, this alone can help to grow your businesses successfully.

Creating a follow up channel to grow your business online successfully could be through an email list or telegram channel.

When your customers subscribe into
your telegram channel or email list they have just given you the right to
perform the following task.
  • You are ready to build a long-lasting lifetime relationship
  • The response is 99-100% measurable
  • You are giving them what they asked for.
building an email list is one of the greatest
asset of your business,  email marketing
is more cheaper and most effective tool to market yourself. A hot lead

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