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Steps To Effective Audience Targeting To Boost ROI

guide to effective audience targeting

Audience targeting has in no doubt have effect on businesses both in terms of great impacts which leads to boost in bountiful return on investment (ROI) and also has led to loss of funds on marketing to lots of startups and a big giant fall to the big businesses out there and here is why we should take time to go over target analytics/metric.

There are different types of audience in the market ranging from sectors, (real estate, agriculture, oil and other) platforms (Digital/ online or traditional), region (international, locale), age, gender, interest and every other important audience.

Then we should go straight and look the into the insights of this content and take it readings one after the other.


What Is Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is the process of reaching put to prospective buyer’s base on their past activities or mutuality’s with the product/ service location, interest, age, demographics or others

What Is Effective Audience Targeting

An effective audience targeting is the way of reaching out to the right audience who doesn’t only have interest in your product/service but is in need (with purchasing power).

What Is An Effective Targeted Audience?

An effective targeted audience were those who were in need of a possible solution to their problems (wants and desire) and they go the right answer to it.

What Are Purpose Of Targeting Audiences

There are lots of benefits of audience targeting which is a very great thing for you to know. Targeting your audience helps to reduce the workforce, time and load also on

cash it’s a mere waste of resources spending on what won’t work guessing it will work, this is why effective audience targeting will help you to reduce excess costs

What Benefit Does An Effective Targeted Gives My Business?

An effectively targeted audience reduces the stress and resources to be spent on ads because you are not just throwing off your solution ads to the mixed market but you are throwing it to those who are really in need of it.

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How To Carry Out An Effective Audience Targeting

carrying out an effective audience targeting requires its own steps

Define your target audience:

This is the very first step in audience targeting and it requires lots of carefulness, any mistake from this very first step which is the foundation will affect every other setup.

Defining your audience simply refers knowing who your audience and this leads down to knowing what they need, where they are located and also their demographics

Defining your target audience could be categorized in this format

Customers interest:  this refers to what the customers the customer an interest in which could be sporting activities, coaching, fashion etc.

Location: this is one also another critical aspect that require you to take patience and narrow down just like I told them in my facebook ads class, looking at your and jumping on targeting there is a good idea but not the better idea therefore I still count it as waste of resources, there is a clear different when you sell after targeting your audience and difference in making sales.

After checking your target audience through audience target research tool or you decided to target a particular region it could be 1% of a locale that’s showing up in the analytics probably because they have the highest percentage worldwide, then rushing to target the whole continent or country is a very bad idea and waste of resources.

Region: defining your target audience region shows which continent is having your audience, your audience could be web visitor, customers, lead.

sub region: defining your target audience region shows which sub region of a continent is having your audience sub regions could be the forms of geopolitical zones of a continent, or states e.g. taking African as a region and diving it to region will show west Africa, east Africa, north Africa and lastly there remain one sub region that always confused up with another state and that is southern Africa (southern Africa is a sub region while south Africa is a region)

Country: This is the setting in a sub region using the west Africa for example we have the Ivory Coast (Ghana), Nigeria, Togo this are perfect example.

Locale: locale is to check which sub region is producing the highest rate of web visit or which locality is having the highest rate of your goods in high demand.

Age: I wanna show you another mistake you have been making let’s take for instance you have a product that’s meant for kids between the age range of 3-5years the question is how will you target them either by organic means or paid ads.

Here is another brain teasing question again: you wanna organize a boot camp for children between the age of 5-12 years. How will target them?

If you wanna target old men and women for an educative seminar using paid ads; how will you target them?

Here is where lots of people fail, target age for a product or service doesn’t mean they will be the one to take action. From National Business Economics I was taught in secondary school; the two people that are your audience are called “dependent economy” i.e. they are either not working or too old to work, a child of 1-12 doesn’t really know how to read well (this doesn’t apply to all child not been able to read at such age) or in Africa where not all the 50s of age are able to read, what do you do?

All you have to do is to target the “working economy” (age 20-55years) and you have to run a test target, targeting someone at the age of 21 to cater for a product that’s meant for the old age might not be rich enough the product neither does targeting a working class of 21 for a product/ service that’s meant for age 1-12 years, this should let you that this age goes to those who have kids and are feeding children.

I hope you have gotten the point I made in the above explanation pointing out that its not the age that needs the product that has to be targeted if you wanna read more you can read about Local SEO on backlinko written by Brian Dean.


Creating Consistent, Valuable And Referable Contents For Effective Audience Targeting

Creating a valuable content for your audience makes your content referable and this grows your audience reach faster, more so your content should be for your audience you can’t have foodies as audience and you are giving contents about technologies you have to stay consistent in creating valuable contents in your niche so as to enable you to reach your audience faster and also be known.

Define your marketing platform For Effective Audience Targeting

Here is where the socio-prostitute marketing act came up, people trying to leverage on different (all) platform because they saw someone gain thousands of followers on a particular platform while the other made triple sales from another platform this made you to choose all the platform.

You have to define what your business is all about either its B2B or B2C before you can decide what platform to choose and if your business falls under the two platform you have to choose at least one or two you know you can leverage.

LinkedIn – B2B platform

Facebook – B2C/B2B platform

Twitter – B2C Platform

Instagram – B2C platform

Reach out with #hashtags

The power of hashtag hasn’t been explored by many due to ignorance of it and most of people out there who uses it had found success in their growth but never knew it’s the power of hashtags, when you use a particular hashtag consistently it automatically turns to a keyword and has its count rate.

Take Twitter #Hashtag For Example for  Effective Audience Targeting

Most people use twitter hashtags to check the latest trend and catch fun whilst its meant to get an insight of what’s going on and also to grow your presence

Take Instagram For Another Example for Effective Audience Targeting

Despite the huge change in instagram algorithm which makes it hard to grow instagram accounts the power of instagram hashtags can’t be underrated, one beneficial aspect of hashtag will be discussed in the next articles but more so never forget to make use of #hashtags in your instagram posts.

Advantages of effective audience targeting for businesses

Not running an effective audience targeting for your business has cost you a lot when it comes to calculating total lost then it will be dawn on you that the little cents you overlooked can fall your business slowly, build it up or serve as backup investment for your businesses but unfortunately wasting it on ineffective targeted audience until you take to changes.

Disadvantages of ineffective audience targeting for businesses

The disadvantages is you will loose and if you run an halfway research that’s not give deep insight then you will but won’t make sales, sounds ridiculous right?

In conclusion

Closing to an end of this simple step to effective audience targeting, I will love to hear your feedback through the comment section about how this steps to running Effective Audience Targeting



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