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How To Make Money Online On TikTok – Joseph Paul

how to make money on tiktok

Tiktok is a Chinese video social media that is rising in numbers of users daily, the site a short video platform where you can easily create few short videos to entertain your followers.

On google playstore tiktok has 500M+ downloads while on ubersuggest people who searches how to make money on tiktok is getting high with 1200 monthly search rising in volume, scrolling down to google related searches page I found these related questions?

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How to make money on tiktok live?

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How much do tiktok stars make

How many likes on tiktok to get paid?

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How does tiktok make money?

How many followers do I need to make money on tiktok?

In recent report by Wikipedia and business insider it shows tiktok is the most downloaded app for the year 2018, thereby breaking record to be the first Chinese app to have the highest download rate in a year. Now the question how do I get started on tiktok and make money. Here we go over in details on tiktok marketing: how to market on tiktok and make money.

First we go into discussing how to grow your tiktok account and gain massive followers on tiktok.

These few steps will guide you on how to get started on tiktok, but first before you can make money you have to have gotten lots of reasonable followers that you can mill to cash this is why the followers rate is high, get to know that when people are running after having huge amount of followers it’s about to cash and not for fun or show off.

How to Grow Your Tiktok Account?

how to grow tiktok followers

Growing your tiktok account might looks hard, stressful and slow but here I am to give you the basic solution freely.

  1. Account optimization
  2. Invitation
  3. Email
  4. Signatures
  5. Engage in related contents
  6. Engaging contents
  7. Consistency

Explaining these few steps listed above is very good, taking time to put into practice is a better idea, sharing this awesome articles that solves solution ton your love ones is the best idea and way to show us love.

Account optimization:

This is the first step you need to set after creating your account, this step requires you filling your details on the platform it could be real or not.


I changed my facebook current city location from Ughelli Nigeria to Texas, after few days my account got optimized and I started seeing ads related to the uk, and I also started getting lots of friend requests from people living around Texas, this method works well on instagram, LinkedIn and facebook.

This method is the easiest explanation which is; you filing your interest in your account profile and chatting with lots of people interested in a particular area helps to get your account optimized

Another Example of Account Optimization

I searched for writers and authors group on facebook a few hours Laster I started seeing ads on writing and authorship and also I started seeing suggested friend requests of authors under people you may know section on facebook.

Benefits of account optimization

  1. It helps you in getting latest
  2. It helps in getting your contents to the right audience
  3. It helps in getting you connected to people of same interest



one easier way to grow is to share your profile link to your friends and whatsapp groups and request them to follow to up for more updates, you can also join link exchange groups on facebook, add it to the end of your comments and requests for follow up.


If you have an email list that belongs to you, it could be personal or business list, if you have this a follow up mail will be the best to send them a notification mail about your presence on the new platform then put a cta follow up button for them to pick action.

Profile Signature:

This is adding your links to profile websites which are mostly forum websites, this really helps when you are a valuable content/comment on online and someone checks your account to follow up

Examples of Profile Websites Are

  • Facebook
  • Nairaland
  • Qoura
  • Reddit

Engage in Related Contents:  

Engaging in contents related to your niche helps to gain attention and also it boosts your level of expertise, there are lots of rules and benefits attached to it. I have gotten lots of work and offer by just adding valuable comments on videos.

Whenever you admire or love a video, appreciate and make a positive comment, it should be positive comments always, even when someone goes against your opinion, be positive in response, this also counts in tiktok algorithm and boosts your followers reach faster.

Engaging Contents:

There is no secret to it when you post a content and you didn’t get any engagement on it and someone else with low rate of followers posted it and got engagement, you are probably posting at the wrong time or not using good captions


The way to growth hack in a business is to be consistent on your tiktok channel, this helps your tiktok channel grow faster.

How to make money on Tiktok?

tiktok monetization

Making money from tiktok is possible than what you think, just like every other way to make money either online or offline all it requires is two pattern which is buying and selling (selling and buying) and offering of services.

I will list several ways you can use to make money on tiktok, reading this write-up won’t really help you if you don’t take action, I love action takers who will read this content and come back to give report on our it has helped them financially.

  1. Reviews video
  2. Hashtag challenge
  3. Pitching To Companies
  4. Influence marketing
  5. Sponsored posts
  6. Shout Out

These ways are real cool ways you can ever imagine could make you money online and also they are part of the ways that doesn’t require stress and investments, things you can do at a real cool price.

Reviews videos:

Making videos reviewing about a business, products help a lot, you can also make money with video reviews mostly if the products you are reviewing belongs to you or an affiliate of the product

Hashtag challenge:

Most giveaway is done in form of a hashtag challenge this requires you to do a video about what you are required to do and then put a hashtag on it, the video/content with the highs comment and engagement rates wins the price with this method you can also make money from Tiktok

Pitching To Companies:

how to make money on tiktok

You don’t wait for things to happen If there is anything you need and it’s not coming to, you all you need is to use the pitching technique; this is reaching out to brands and organization’s showing them your channel strength and how your creativity and channel can hip their brand and businesses.

Influence marketing:

These comes in the area of motivational speakers, political minded individuals, entrepreneurs, this is when personal account is influencing people to do/take an action, this could be “buy now” attention and mostly attention of “click here”, “drop a comment”, “need to hear you say something”. Influencer marketers tends to have lots of followers and also knows how to pull their attention, with your attention pulling techniques you will make money from tiktok.

Sponsored posts:

This is more like a review, here in this case you give them space to promote their contents (video) on your channel and you get paid either by period, numbers views, comments, react button and other little factors required.

Shout out:

This method has always work and will continue to work, this is the act of doing short sales or promotional videos for companies to get brand awareness.

Free web traffic:

IFYou have a channel elsewhere that is monetized it could be your weblog, you can use tiktok to pull traffic to it.

How many likes do I need on my tiktok videos to get paid?

Fortunately! Yeah it’s unfortunate that there is no amount of likes that’s required on your video

How many followers do I need to start making money from tiktok?

There is no amount of followers required to making money on tiktok, following the right strategy is all you need to make money online.

how much can I make from tiktok?

There is a lot of money flying everywhere on the platform its left for you to decide your monetization technique and start making money.

How much will tiktok pay me for using their platform?

There is no payment attached to using a tiktok account it’s just like other social media you are.

How much will it cost me to open tiktok account?

Opening a tiktok account is free just like every other social media all you need is to go to google playstore and download it freely then open it and create your tiktok account






































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