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Top 10 Skills You Can Master Online During Isolation.

Top 10 Skills You Can Master Online During Isolation.

With the high rate of the hashtag on social media about #stayhome #lockdown during this present season of coronavirus outbreak, you can also see the hashtag which we should never forget that was posted by CNBC which is the #Jobloss, here are the Top 10 Skills You Can Master


“There would be 70% job loss increase in the united states like it has never been before” – CNBC


Now with this lots of outcry; will you allow yourself to be hit by these turn over just the way the men of 1980s never took heed to the economic change then the information age crept in to wipe away the industrial age, here is the golden opportunity for you to take action and learn a skill even if this pandemic of coronavirus is over and doesn’t affect your job, it will still be an added advantage.


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According to CNNMONEY and CNBC there will be massive job loss after the pandemic as lots of companies will realize, they can do without lots of staff in a space called office which is still gonna be like a burden to them.


This is why the crave for remote jobs is high, the question is what will be the future of remotes jobs and office jobs?


With these three social proof, I guess you need no one you tell you to learn a digital skill, now you can go through this also and take a quick snap of whatsoever that’s on your mind and read through

How To Start And Make Money On Whatsapp Tv

Top Ten 5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Skill You Can Master

There are lots of top benefits why you need to learn an online skill, but I will list this Five and create room to head over into the main content on Top 10 Skills You Can Master Online During Isolation.


Freedom and schedule

Earn more, work less

Creates room for being practical

Confident ability to say no to job offers

A sense of self-reliance.


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Freedom and schedule: you have the freedom to work at any time and location, you have the right to fix schedules anyhow to your personal benefits and comforts.

Earn more, Work Less: offline cash flow is harder than online business, once you have grown the required skill you need to move yourself forward as an individual or your agency as a business, there are lots of tendencies you work less and earn more.

Create room for being practical: this is gives room for you to put into practice every strategy that comes your way and you do not need theory to prove but thee result gotten from being practical.

Confident ability to say no to job offers: there are lots of opportunities and offers that pops out daily you stand the right and chances to reject or accept them.

A sense of self-reliance: a cool sense of reliance is what we all need but can’t be fought for by many because we have no skill to backup while fighting for a sense of self-reliance, here is one other reason to learn a digital skill.

The top 10 most profitable in-demand skill that will never fade out

Over the years we have come across lots of top high demand skills like learning the art of copywriting, digital marketing, and programming with codes with one of the most.

This isn’t to create fear but after the coronavirus epidemic this is gonna be one of the economic turn over that will change things faster and leave lots of people unaware, jobless, skill-less, hopeless and more so disappointed in various ways, they gonna be disappointed because their job has failed them its either not working with the same strategy that has kept them as the best local business or employees been sacked out by new, young and computer literate staffs who are highly probably to work remotely from home and also make report of works done from home rather than moving papers from one office to another. Bill gates in his book business at the speed of thoughts, he names a chapter with “the paperless office”.




  • Software testing
  • High ticket closing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • Consulting/coaching
  • Programming
  • Graphics design
  • Chatbot marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video editing


  1. Software Testing Closing As A Skill To Master Online

Software Testing Skill: software testing is gonna be a great skill that’s gonna push copywriting almost away from been the top 1 skill in the world which is why I listed it first in my write-up and here are some of the reasons.

With the advancement in technologies and upgrade in lots of office works, the high rate of structural unemployment.

New software, robots and tech gadgets requires critical testing before they are sold out to the market to avoid selling scraps that’s gonna affect sales badly and also lifes and properties.

With this you can learn software testing for $700 and the typical salary of a software tester is $300-500 daily.

Software testing is also one of the skill you can learn online and doesn’t require any technological skill all you need is the ability to be able to read and write and amidst that you need a coach to put you through, unfortunately this isn’t what you can learn from YouTube or google.

You can watch a preview of what software testing is here but still it’s still not free in the video.


  1. High Ticket Closing As A Skill To Master Online


High ticket closing: with all might persuasive writing there is still a need to have the high ticket closing skill or employ someone to handle that this are skills every industry needs and you can work remotely at any free time and also work anywhere this might doesn’t necessarily need your physical presence most times.

High ticket closing could be done on phone call, video calls or even with a piece of mind ease words.

To rake sales higher and close lots of deals and contracts from high international companies, Governments, top individuals and officials you need to be able to close sales.

Here is what Danlok said about high ticket closing and you realize why you need to learn the art of closing sales

High Ticket Sales Closing As One Of The top 10 Skills You Can Master online


  1. Copywriting As One Of Top 10 Skills You Can Master


Before high ticket sales closing as one of the top skills you can master online comes the skill of copywriting which goes ahead, before you can land to sales closing point you gat to have made sales copy that brought customers to be convinced to sales closing point

Here is what Danlok said again about 5 tips for copywriting as a beginner for those

Copywriting is a written copy as the name implies but it performs the act or job of advertising or marketing about brands or other things that requires awareness

Here Is A Video Advert From GlobalcomUnlimited That Speaks Lots About How Copywriting Is Used.

This is an advert from a telecommunication company sending a message they can serve better in west Africa regions where the rate of call time is too high expensive

Here Is Another Video Advert From BIC That Speaks Volume About Copywriting


Here is another video advert from a guy who faced disappointment from his biro that failed to write when he was taking a number from a beautiful girl the short video clips shows the need of the boy and the solution.

That’s the power of copywriting and how it can serve you the stress of rigorous and effortless marketing that yields less profits.

Copywriting as an art helps companies to pass out their information with ease no matter the marketing platform that’s been used, this is why you need to master copywriting as an art and One of The top 10 Skills You Can Master online


  1. Digital Marketing As A High Skill To Master Online


Digital marketing: Has been since the existence of internet and it keeps going broad every day and its importance to every sector can’t be over exaggerated.

Digital marketing is the art if using digital tools and gadgets to market products and services effectively to bring in sales, awareness and recognition to a business mostly with automated tools that make workflow easier and cash flow steady.

There are lots of digital marketing companies out there and also top world digital marketer who have mastered the skill and made high income.

Neil Patel – NP Digital

Brian Dean – Backlinko

Gary Vee – Garyvee Media

Also here we are

Joseph Paul – Impeesa Digital Service


  1. Consulting & Coaching As A High Skill To Master Online during isolation

Consulting and coaching this could also be referred to as information marketing and has helped lots of people to earn a high income skill, this is based mostly on teaching what you know how to do best.

As seen on outerboxdesign

The SEO-famous Neil Patel ostensibly charges up to $5,000 just for an initial hour-long consultation. All of that is not to say that your neighbor’s daughter down the street who is “good with computers” won’t offer to do it for $200 a month, and heck, she might even know what she’s doing!

  • Outerbox design


  1. Programming As An High Skill To Master During Isolation


Tools we use in our everyday life are coded and compiled together to work effectively by programmers, ranging from our games, business websites, mobile apps, plugins, anti-virus disks.

Programming as gone a long way to serve and make things easier than we can think of, software used by digital marketers are coded by programmers.

We can’t do away with programmers no matter the advancements in technologies machines, software and robots runs on machine and high level languages not on English, Chinese, or Arabic languages; it’s the work of the programmers to communicate with them in this language and give us the expected feedback from machine responses.


  1. Graphics Design As An High Skill Income To Master

There will continue to be an huge demand for business logos, business cards, flyers, posters, invitations and web banners this is one huge importance why graphics designers can’t be left out of the game of high skill income.

Graphics design is the use of visuals to pass out information to an audience about a product, brand, idea or a personality.

  1. Chatbot Marketing As An High Skill Income To Master

To reduce the stress of tedious workflow and make communication easier between businesses and customers Chatbot were created to give responses to faq and random questions.

  1. Email Marketing As An High Skill Income To Master

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques that still exists till today and will continue to live without any interference or fear of it losing its value.

Though many businesses have ignored this marketing technique, but it still works best.

  1. Video Editing As An High Skill Income To Master


Video Editing As An High Skill Income To Master is a very important skill as many companies are seeing the reason and values of visual marketing and are not only realizing it but also taking actions on it, here is why you see lots of video advertisement on the internet and also paid ads on YouTube.

In conclusion Top 10 Skills You Can Master Online During Isolation.

The list above doesn’t guarantee you income and neither does it says you should quit your job but if you follow any of this skill and take everything needed to be a professional in it then you surely will be among the next capitalist to rule the world.

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